One year since going Abroad


It has been a little over a year since embarking on the semester of a lifetime.  It feels like just yesterday I was driving through a blizzard to catch my flight to Madrid.  People always say abroad are the best four months of your life, and so far they are definitely up there!

I learned so much about myself during those four months and grew so much as a person.  I became much more independent and definitely did a lot of growing up.  While it may appear that every moment spent traversing across Europe is a breeze, that is far from the truth.  There were definitely some bumps in the road (both literally and figuratively haha) and some things that would have been more enjoyable without (aka my infected fingernail that I almost had to have surgery to remove and had to go to a spanish hospital where they only spoke spanish…lets just say don’t pull hang nails my friends…)  But I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

I made some of my best friends, who sadly don’t live close to me, but hey that means more traveling to visit each other!!

While my semester this year will not be full of globe trotting, each week I sort of look back and reminisce on where I was at this time last year…which makes me both nostalgic and grateful.  Grateful for the experiences I had and the memories I made.  And it gets me excited for all the traveling I have ahead of me! Maybe I will do a summer program in law school somewhere! who knows!

I miss Madrid so much and it will forever have a piece of my heart.  My abroad friends and I always find ourselves tagging each other in Facebook memes that represent funny memories from our semester.  This past month especially I have been super nostalgic, however, I just tell myself that means just how special those memories are!

If any of you are on the fence about studying abroad…JUST DO IT! (nike?!? lol)  While there are definitely ups and downs and it might take some getting used to, I have never heard of anyone regretting going, but only of those regretting not going! So spread your wings and buckle up for adventures of a lifetime!

Let me know in the comments below if you are studying abroad or have studied abroad! I would love to know about your experiences!



Turtleneck Sweaters



This year I have been obsessed with the turtleneck sweater trend.  When my mom caught on to my love of turtleneck sweaters when I got home from first semester she made fun of me because apparently when I was little I refused to wear turtlenecks in public #diva 😉

Well, I guess times have changed because if I could I would wear a turtleneck sweater everyday I would.  They are just so easy and obviously keep you so much warmer.

With the temps being in the teens (and even negatives) these last few weeks (Global warming?? More like Global Freezing!) I have been wearing thick sweaters as if it were a uniform.





This sweater is actually vintage that I found in my mom’s closet and I am obsessed.  I just love searching through her treasures haha.  It’s thickness sure does keep me warm on those freezing cold days.  (Hi mom…your sweater may just go missing…if it does you may just happen to find it at school with me! ha!)  Chunky turtleneck sweaters like this are so great because they are really a statement in themselves and don’t need much else in terms of accessories.  Plus when you are all bundled up who is going to see your accessories anyway 😉 I kept it very simple with jewelry and carried my favorite vintage Dooney.  If any of you want to see a post on how to find great vintage Dooney or any vintage purses let me know in the comments or shoot me an email.

Thanks for reading!


Cheers to 2017 Recap

I went back and forth about doing a recap of 2017.  But after thinking back on how great a year it was I figured I would want to look back and reminisce haha

2017 was the year of travel and being more independent for me.  I did a lot of growing up but had a lot of laughs while doing it.  It sure was a year for the books.  I learned a lot about myself and what makes me happy.  Looking back at the year I definitely grew and am resembling more of a real life adult every day (ahh! t-4 months until graduation and the real world…but lets not talk about that!)

The year started off being both exciting and nerve wracking for my impending adventures in Europe.  The first few days of 2017 were spent packing, running last minute errands and driving through a huge snow storm to catch my flight to Madrid.  I had been counting down the days until I was studying abroad but it was also the biggest change I had ever made and there were a lot of unknowns and therefore I was also quite nervous. However, lets just say those 4 months were some of the best months of my life.  I met amazing new friends who I know I will be close with forever and traveled…a lot.  I visited 2 continents, 9 countries and countless new cities.  It was definitely the year of travel. But lets just say that my wanderlust and spark to see the world has only been lit more.

During my time abroad I visited…

Zurich & Lucerne, Switzerland   (read the post here!)


London England (Post link)


Budapest Hungary (Trip recap)


South of Spain (Malaga, Granada, Nerja)


Morocco, Africa (recap here!)


Oceanography Trip to Murcia, Spain


Paris, France (day 1/day 2/style guide)


Rome, Italy (recap here)


Corfu, Greece (check out the recap!)


Santorini, Greece (recap/sunset cruise)


Porto, Portugal (travel diary)


Valencia, Spain (recap)


Barcelona, Spain with my Family


San Sebastian, Spain


One of my favorite things I learned abroad was how to surf…a lifelong dream of mine.  Lets just say that I am no pro but it sure is fun.


And lets not forget what has become my European home…Madrid!  Oh Madrid! You stole my heart.  This was not the last you will be seeing of me! IMG_0314

I mean isn’t she gorgeous?! (shoutout to my friend Nick for this amazing photo)

…and after a fabulous and adventurous 4 months I then had to say a sad Hasta Luego to Espana and returned to the States…

I did some weekend traveling in the summer to…

Rockport Mass. (recap here)


and Naragansett, RI (recap)


Spent another fabulous summer working and relaxing (and having some fun too!) in my favorite place…

Old, Saybrook, CT


I then moved back to Fairfield to begin my senior year after being gone for 9 months (studying abroad and then the summer)


I moved into a beautiful little house right on the beach…yes…these are my views every morning…I still pinch myself.


Attended a bunch of senior events…


and finally celebrated the holiday season…


Oh what a year…Peace out 2017! Can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store!


I hope everyone has a happy and healthy New Year! Thank to everyone who as followed along on this crazy journey! I appreciate all of your support.



Endless Summer


While scrolling through instagram all I see these days are fall content and outfits and while I understand that is the nature of the blogging industry and business I am just not quite ready to let Summer slip away just yet! With the weather here in CT still in the high 70s and low 80s I just can’t get myself to want to wear long sleeves or pants just yet.  So to combat that I have been living in dresses trying to soak up every last minute of having bare legs.  Don’t get me wrong, I love me a good cozy sweater and pair of skinny jeans but I know that before I know it I am going to wishing for days where I can just slip on a dress.  There is just something about dresses that make you feel so put together when in reality it took 30 seconds to get dressed.




I felt like this dress was appropriate for both the weather but the migration toward the changing seasons.  While I know the time for colorful and bright Lilly skirts has come and gone, I am trying to find some pieces that fit both criteria of fall colors and warm temps.  And that is where this dress comes in!  It is both breezy for those hot days on campus but also more subdued in color to fit the fall-ish vibes.



Also can we talk about these earrings?! Morgan from Atlantic Anchors (check out her adorable blog here) linked to these earrings earlier this summer and when I found out that they were just $8 I couldn’t not buy them!  I love the tassel earring trend going on right now but your girl is on a college budget and can’t afford $50 tassel earrings.  And I have to say the quality of this pair is great! I have already worn them a handful of times and have gotten so many compliments! They are from Amazon and have so many different colors!

Is there a go to item you wear in that awkward transition period between summer and fall?!

Thanks for reading!




I am a Senior?!?!


I am a senior….  Typing out those words is so strange. It is mind boggling to me that I am a senior in college.  It feels like just yesterday that I was moving into my freshman dorm and meeting my roommate for the first time (Hey Jillian!)  I can’t believe three years have passed since I have lived in my freshman dorm room or began my journey at Fairfield U where I have made some of the most amazing memories of my life.

I have officially finished my first week of senior year and if this week is any indication of how the year is going to go it is going to be a great one, but it is also going to fly by! And that is so sad to think about! I don’t want to leave my friends and the place I have called home the past 4 years.

It is such a bittersweet feeling because I am so so excited for the year ahead of me but at the same time I am also quite nervous and sad that the summer has come to an end.  The “real world” is closer now than it has ever been and that is so scary to think about.  That I will no longer be a college student but an adult; and with that comes with so much more responsibility.

When I was younger I would look up to my older cousins and family friends and think to myself that they were so old and had everything figured out by this age however now that I am actually that age I feel anything but feeling like I have my sh*t together. There is still a lot to take into account and to think about as the year progresses but enough about those scary real world thoughts 😉 I have an entire year to figure all that out (hopefully I do!) Which means an entire year to work hard in school but also have the time of my life and take advantage of every moment and opportunity and perk that comes with being a senior!


I am going to live up every moment and make a ton of memories with all of my favorite people at one of my favorite places.  I will be living at the beach, having the time of my life and for that reason I am so excited to jump into senior year.  I was also abroad last semester and haven’t seen so many people in 9 months so I have been counting down the minutes until we were all reunited!!  While it is bittersweet to see such a relaxing and fun summer come to an end I am so excited for the start of this new school year!

So here is to being a SENIOR! and to the best year yet!!

Thanks for reading that jumbled post about my thought and feelings about being a senior! Sorry if it made no sense.



Nights in Narragansett



Time spent with family are some of my favorite memories growing up.  For as long as I can remember I have spent a handful of summer days down on the shores of Rhode Island.  Sometimes we would stay for a week and sometimes just for a day, but come the beginning of August everyone is counting down to beach days in Narragansett.

While life happens and not every year all the family can come it just makes you cherish the time you have with those who are around and reminisce on the times with those who are not.IMG_1797




Something as simple as taking a nap at the beach, riding the roaring waves, and laughing way to much way too late into the night are just what everyone needs to rejuvenate.  These are the things that get me through the long cold New England winters!

One of the nights while we are down in Rhode Island we all head back from a long day at the beach, shower off the salt and sand, and throw on our beachy outfits.  I snapped these photos down by the water before we headed out to dinner. Thanks Dad for being my photographer for the night!

Thanks for reading!




Ruffles in San Sebastian


FullSizeRender 9

FullSizeRender 2

One trend that I never thought I would come around to was the off the shoulder look.  I have broader shoulders and never thought it would look flattering on but I have to say once I tried it I loved it.  While in Spain I picked up several off the shoulder pieces including this little ruffled and stripped number! Such a fun statement piece.

After my program ended my parents flew over to visit me.  One of the places we visited during our 10 day trip was San Sebastian.  Guys! This place was stunning! We only spent three days there and it was not nearly enough time! The girls I lived with abroad and I always say that we are going to have a reunion tour in Spain within the next 10 years and when that happens I am making sure this is on the list! Just look at these views!


FullSizeRender 10FullSizeRender 3IMG_9789FullSizeRender 4

This outfit was perfect for a day of exploring the adorable little town.  You can never go wrong with a fun top and simple white jean shorts.  I actually snagged the shorts for only 6 euro at, surprise surprise, Primark! I mean how can you not?! I guess you could say I have a Primark addiction and you wouldn’t be far off! I guess that just means I will have to make a trip either to boston or the Danbury mall to check out how the Primark in the states is!

Thanks for reading!