Sailor-Sailor Sail Flags


When packing and deciding what to bring on my trip to Bermuda the first thing I wrote down on my packing list was this Sailor-Sailor SOS flag print dress.  I knew it would be the perfect dress to wear while explore the island and the bright colors of the print would fit in perfectly with the colorful island.




I have been a long time fan of Sailor-Sailor clothing and my collection of their adorable clothing just seems to keep growing!  Sailor-Sailor is a ladies lifestyle clothing brand based in Connecticut and proudly American made.  I love that their motto is “Summer lives all year round” because who doesn’t want their clothes to make them smile and remind them of summer?!?!  I think that one of my favorite aspects is the type of fabric they use in their clothing.  It is a performance wicking fabric that feels so great on and the perfect material to travel with because it really doesn’t wrinkle.  It wicks moisture away from your body keeping you cool, which is a win while walking a lot in a tropical location!



A fun fact about this print is that the nautical flags actually spell out Sailor-Sailor!

I already own several of their dresses and imagine myself reaching for them all summer long! (I even pulled a Lizzie McGuire move on this trip and was an outfit repeater…I actually wore this dress two separate times while on my trip! This dress is THAT good! Sshhh, but don’t tell!)



All of the dresses have really cute names.  This is the Dockside Dress  in the print SOS.  This style is a modern twist on a classic shift dress.  The dress is so flattering and comfortable and the ruffle sleeve is such a fun detail! And I mean who doesn’t love a fun nautical colorful print!?! Unfortunately this exact SOS print is not available in the Dockside Dress style online at the moment, however, there are 4 different similar styles that come in the same print (psttt..2 of the dress styles in this SOS print are even on sale!), and there are soo many fun patterns that come in the Dockside Style! There are no shortage of options!


Definitely check out the adorable brand Sailor-Sailor if you are on the market for super cute, amazing quality, fun dresses! I will be rotating through my Sailor-Sailor dresses all summer!

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A big thank you to Sailor-Sailor for generously gifting me this dress!  As always all opinions are my own!  


College Graduation



It has been a month since graduating college and I still don’t think it has hit me yet.  I don’t think it will hit me until the fall when all of the students are heading back to Fairfield and I won’t be for the first time in 4 years.

My time at Fairfield U was some of the best times of my life so far and I will greatly miss the school but towards the end of senior year it was sort of as if I was ready for the next chapter.  Don’t get me wrong I will miss my friends immensely, especially living so close to them and being able to hang out whenever.  However, this year sort of eased us in to the change because everyone was living off campus, working, and doing internships and it was not as if we lived in dorms and could run across the hall or see each other at every meal in the dining hall.  We really only saw one another on weekends.  In that way senior year transitioned us.  And I keep telling myself Facetime was invented to keep in touch and up to date with each other’s lives (friends-get ready for lots of facetime calls from me!) Also I am excited for a few friends who are taking big leaps and moving away (so proud of them!) to such cool new place.  I can’t wait to visit Charleston and Nashville to see them (Maggie, Elena, I hope you know I will be crashing with y’all)




Anyways onto graduation…At Fairfield, after finals are over all the seniors stay for an extra week and they put on events almost each day.  They are all optional and things we have to pay for, so my friends and I picked and chose what we wanted to partake in.  Living on the beach senior year was a dream and we really were hoping to utilize our living arrangements by having ALL the beach days and cookouts and bonfires the last week living there, however, mother nature did not seem to be down for that.  It rained almost every day, so that was very unfortunate, and sort of put a damper on senior week.  We had these visions of beautiful pictures on the beach in our long gowns for Commencement  ball, but mother nature had other plans…it poured, and sent tornados and lightning…so that was a bummer.  But we made the most of our time together, and kept putting everything in perspective, yeah it sucked the weather wasn’t cooperating, but what really mattered was that we were all together making memories and enjoying not having any work or responsibilities, just time to be together!





Everyone was glued to the weather all week in anticipation of if graduation would be inside or outside.  We had sort of come to terms with the fact that we would probably have to have graduation inside.  It would be another let down because commencement is out on the lawn of this mansion on campus that over looks the Long Island Sound.  It is truly beautiful and something we had all envisioned ever since starting at Fairfield…instead of the gym where it would be if it rained.  The administration would not make a decision on where the ceremony would be until 7 am the morning of.  At 6:40 AM the morning of, while my roommates and I were getting ready, we all received the notification that Commencement would be outside! We were so happy! While it spit a little while we walked in to take our seats, by the end of the ceremony, the clouds had parted and the sun was blaring down! It was so amazing. We got to enjoy our graduation celebration lunch with our family back at our house and were able to sit outside on the beach and enjoy the beach house one last day instead of being cramped inside! It was a really great day!



How cute are the ’18 cookies my mom made for the party!

Sadly, we had to pack up the entire house and move out the next day, so the celebration was short but sweat.  It was so nice to celebrate all our hard work over the last 4 years, and reminisce on all of the amazing memories we made and think about all the more to come!


Some of my friends and I have already gotten together once and have so many more plans coming up.  I am so lucky to have met such amazing and special people that have become some of my dearest friends, who make me laugh harder than I ever have before, and who are such genuine people.  I don’t know what I did to deserve them, but Fairfield U, thank you for some of the best years of my life! I will cherish these memories forever! And as the old saying goes…Once a Stag, Always a Stag! Stags up!

Sorry for the long, sappy post!
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My Favorite Purse Brand

HMP_project3 (74 of 123)

HMP_project3 (81 of 123)

Can this weather be any weirder here in the northeast?!  In February it was 60 degrees for a week and now at the end of April we are still wearing winter clothes? I think Mother Nature is a bit confused…but she needs to make up her mind! Because I am sick of chunky sweaters and want spring!

On another note…omg you guys…I have some exciting news…I received my first blogger mail! EEP! Seeing as I still have a small following I was so surprised when Dooney and Bourke reached out to sent me a package! I think I squealed and jumped up and down…my roommates can attest.  I was so honored because Dooney and Bourke have been my favorite handbag brand for years.  I have several vintage Dooney purses in addition to some of their newer items and both my everyday summer and winter handbags are both made by them.  More times than not you will see me carrying a Dooney and Bourke bag.  I guess you could say I am partial to Dooney and Bourke.  They are just such classic, timeless pieces that really are such great quality and go with just about anything.

HMP_project3 (72 of 123)

Fun fact: for my semester abroad I could only bring one checked bag and a carry on…for 4 months of traveling (I know what your thinking…I don’t know how I did it either!)…which meant limited space for just about everything.  So that meant only one purse besides my foldup Lonchamp was coming along…and that was one of my Dooney’s!

Anyways…when I opened the package they sent me I gasped at the beauty of the little purse.  It could not have been more me, from the color, to the hardware, to the size, I was obsessed with the purse.  And lets just say I have been carrying it almost everyday since! This purse is a part of their new Emerson collection.  And this specific bag comes in 7 other colors (including hot pink and baby blue! so fun!).  There are so many other cute shapes and sizes all with the similar hardware and overall look in common and lets just say I have a long wishlist now. (FYI I even saw this style in a bigger tote bag…I may just have to get it as a work tote!)

HMP_project3 (71 of 123)

HMP_project3 (66 of 123)

HMP_project3 (95 of 123)

Definitely check out Dooney and Bourke for more beautiful pieces like this!


A big thank you to Dooney and Bourke for generously gifting me this purse!  As always all opinions are my own!  

Spring Break- Punta Cana


The second week in march I embarked with 20 other Fairfield University students to Punta Cana for a little R&R (and maybe some fun too 😉  My friends and I had decided pretty early on that we did  not want to go on the school planned trip because it was a true “college spring break” style trip.  We didn’t really want the wild and crazy and to come back exhausted, but instead to return tan and rejuvenated.

(oh and here is a little recap video I shot on my gopro!)



As always with big groups there were several ideas thrown out.  We had considered renting sort of like condo style rooms in the Bahamas to save money but when we realized we would have to cook and go grocery shopping and do the dishes we decided that was not a vacation and did not want to do that.  Let alone split grocery bills, dinner expenses…between 20 people…that just sounded like a headache.  That is when we began to look into all inclusive resorts.  I had stayed at the Grand Bahia Principe Bavaro my sophomore year of college with my family and loved our stay.  It was completely safe, the food was yummy, the resort was beautiful…and it was all inclusive.  I threw the idea out to my friends and they liked the fact that I had stayed there in the past.  We have heard so many horror stories from our friends of bad food, stomach issues, and overall miserable experiences at Island destinations.  I knew what we were getting into so we knew it was a reputable place.  Plus with everything that has been going on in the news about Mexico we knew that the school trip to Cancun was not for us.

We booked our trip.  We did 2 and 3 people to a room (there was a very slight discount for having an extra person to a room) and booked our flights and then counted down the days until warm and sunny Dominican Republic.



Psstt this fun one piece is actually from Walmart! A major score I know! And for under $20! I know I will be wearing this all summer!




(Funny story behind this lifeguard chair…we were trying to find a friend from another resort and this landmark is what stood out about our resort from the miles of similar beaches and lounge chairs, and right as she was about to turn around she spotted this chair and knew she found our resort! ha)


We spent 4 nights and 3 full days and 2 half days in paradise and it was just the right amount of time (I think more than that and we would have been a bit fried…that sun is STRONG!)  We had fabulous weather, 85 and sunny almost everyday.  My friends and I sort of floated between hanging at the beach and the pool with some preferring one to the other ( I was a beach gal…per usual haha).  All the pools had swim up bars (win!) and the drinks were constantly flowing.  We took several long walk and just really relaxed.  We made reservations two of the 4 nights for dinner at some of the restaurants on the compound (TIP: make reservations your first night to ensure you can select from a wide variety…most of them were pretty booked by the time we stopped in) and ate at the buffet the other 2 nights. (Make sure you try Mama Juana when you are there! It is the Dominican Republic signature liquor)  Then we would hang on the patio listening to music, sipping on cocktails, and dancing the night away.  The boys were big fans of the casino while us girls tended to watch the performances going on outside while the boys were inside trying to win big haha and then once 11:30 hit we would head to the Discoteca for a little dancing.


A few friends and I wanted to make the most of the short time we were there so we were very ambitious in setting our alarms to 6:45 am each morning.  And I am happy to report that we got up every morning except one of them after we lost track of time and were out pretty late dancing.  The last morning we even got up at 6 am to see the sunrise.

It was such a great trip with some of my closest friends and a great way to celebrate our senior year.  It didn’t hurt that I came back with a little color and no longer have translucent skin (jokes!).  I highly suggest a small trip like this when in college if you ever get the chance! It was the perfect amount of people, not too overwhelming (I heard some of the bigger state schools had upwards of hundreds of kids on their trips!) yet still a substantial amount.

I could not say enough good things about the Grand Bahia Principe Bavaro and highly recommend it as it gives a little bit of everything.

We flew home to cold, and snowy weather and I wish I were currently there as it is almost the first week in April and it is still cold here in the Northeast.

Would you go on spring break with your friends?!  If you have any questions about planning a trip like this or the resort don’t hesitate to shoot me an email!



One year since going Abroad


It has been a little over a year since embarking on the semester of a lifetime.  It feels like just yesterday I was driving through a blizzard to catch my flight to Madrid.  People always say abroad are the best four months of your life, and so far they are definitely up there!

I learned so much about myself during those four months and grew so much as a person.  I became much more independent and definitely did a lot of growing up.  While it may appear that every moment spent traversing across Europe is a breeze, that is far from the truth.  There were definitely some bumps in the road (both literally and figuratively haha) and some things that would have been more enjoyable without (aka my infected fingernail that I almost had to have surgery to remove and had to go to a spanish hospital where they only spoke spanish…lets just say don’t pull hang nails my friends…)  But I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

I made some of my best friends, who sadly don’t live close to me, but hey that means more traveling to visit each other!!

While my semester this year will not be full of globe trotting, each week I sort of look back and reminisce on where I was at this time last year…which makes me both nostalgic and grateful.  Grateful for the experiences I had and the memories I made.  And it gets me excited for all the traveling I have ahead of me! Maybe I will do a summer program in law school somewhere! who knows!

I miss Madrid so much and it will forever have a piece of my heart.  My abroad friends and I always find ourselves tagging each other in Facebook memes that represent funny memories from our semester.  This past month especially I have been super nostalgic, however, I just tell myself that means just how special those memories are!

If any of you are on the fence about studying abroad…JUST DO IT! (nike?!? lol)  While there are definitely ups and downs and it might take some getting used to, I have never heard of anyone regretting going, but only of those regretting not going! So spread your wings and buckle up for adventures of a lifetime!

Let me know in the comments below if you are studying abroad or have studied abroad! I would love to know about your experiences!


Turtleneck Sweaters



This year I have been obsessed with the turtleneck sweater trend.  When my mom caught on to my love of turtleneck sweaters when I got home from first semester she made fun of me because apparently when I was little I refused to wear turtlenecks in public #diva 😉

Well, I guess times have changed because if I could I would wear a turtleneck sweater everyday I would.  They are just so easy and obviously keep you so much warmer.

With the temps being in the teens (and even negatives) these last few weeks (Global warming?? More like Global Freezing!) I have been wearing thick sweaters as if it were a uniform.





This sweater is actually vintage that I found in my mom’s closet and I am obsessed.  I just love searching through her treasures haha.  It’s thickness sure does keep me warm on those freezing cold days.  (Hi mom…your sweater may just go missing…if it does you may just happen to find it at school with me! ha!)  Chunky turtleneck sweaters like this are so great because they are really a statement in themselves and don’t need much else in terms of accessories.  Plus when you are all bundled up who is going to see your accessories anyway 😉 I kept it very simple with jewelry and carried my favorite vintage Dooney.  If any of you want to see a post on how to find great vintage Dooney or any vintage purses let me know in the comments or shoot me an email.

Thanks for reading!


Cheers to 2017 Recap

I went back and forth about doing a recap of 2017.  But after thinking back on how great a year it was I figured I would want to look back and reminisce haha

2017 was the year of travel and being more independent for me.  I did a lot of growing up but had a lot of laughs while doing it.  It sure was a year for the books.  I learned a lot about myself and what makes me happy.  Looking back at the year I definitely grew and am resembling more of a real life adult every day (ahh! t-4 months until graduation and the real world…but lets not talk about that!)

The year started off being both exciting and nerve wracking for my impending adventures in Europe.  The first few days of 2017 were spent packing, running last minute errands and driving through a huge snow storm to catch my flight to Madrid.  I had been counting down the days until I was studying abroad but it was also the biggest change I had ever made and there were a lot of unknowns and therefore I was also quite nervous. However, lets just say those 4 months were some of the best months of my life.  I met amazing new friends who I know I will be close with forever and traveled…a lot.  I visited 2 continents, 9 countries and countless new cities.  It was definitely the year of travel. But lets just say that my wanderlust and spark to see the world has only been lit more.

During my time abroad I visited…

Zurich & Lucerne, Switzerland   (read the post here!)


London England (Post link)


Budapest Hungary (Trip recap)


South of Spain (Malaga, Granada, Nerja)


Morocco, Africa (recap here!)


Oceanography Trip to Murcia, Spain


Paris, France (day 1/day 2/style guide)


Rome, Italy (recap here)


Corfu, Greece (check out the recap!)


Santorini, Greece (recap/sunset cruise)


Porto, Portugal (travel diary)


Valencia, Spain (recap)


Barcelona, Spain with my Family


San Sebastian, Spain


One of my favorite things I learned abroad was how to surf…a lifelong dream of mine.  Lets just say that I am no pro but it sure is fun.


And lets not forget what has become my European home…Madrid!  Oh Madrid! You stole my heart.  This was not the last you will be seeing of me! IMG_0314

I mean isn’t she gorgeous?! (shoutout to my friend Nick for this amazing photo)

…and after a fabulous and adventurous 4 months I then had to say a sad Hasta Luego to Espana and returned to the States…

I did some weekend traveling in the summer to…

Rockport Mass. (recap here)


and Naragansett, RI (recap)


Spent another fabulous summer working and relaxing (and having some fun too!) in my favorite place…

Old, Saybrook, CT


I then moved back to Fairfield to begin my senior year after being gone for 9 months (studying abroad and then the summer)


I moved into a beautiful little house right on the beach…yes…these are my views every morning…I still pinch myself.


Attended a bunch of senior events…


and finally celebrated the holiday season…


Oh what a year…Peace out 2017! Can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store!


I hope everyone has a happy and healthy New Year! Thank to everyone who as followed along on this crazy journey! I appreciate all of your support.